Golf course is arranged at the center of the project in a large area with beautiful natural sceneries. The European young experts create a unique design for the Golf Course in The Imperial Golf Hue with the implementing plans based on the harmony combination between natural terrain, the beauty of nature and unique, challenging golf holes. The golf lines outstretch on the hill sides, cross the valleys, perennial tree forests and gather into the Clubhouse. All positions on the golf course are at high place, so it is able to catch the whole scene of the golf course in sight. The GOLF COURSES unique characteristics of the Golf Course is that all the golf lines have the north- south direction, avoiding the sunlight and the strong wind, making it easy to enjoy microclimate, cool in the summer and warm in the spring.


Villa system is arranged on the hill sides, hiding in the pine forest, creating a rare harmony picture. Either in the dawn or the decline of the day in Hue, the golf players and tourists are able to fully enjoy and discover this unique beauty.

From the central Clubhouse, it is able to see the whole golf course, entertainment urban square in the North, resorts and eco-village in the South.

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