Golf course is arranged at the center of the project in a large area with beautiful natural sceneries. The European young experts create a unique design for the Golf Course in The Imperial Golf Hue with the implementing plans based on the harmony combination between natural terrain, the beauty of nature and unique, challenging golf holes. The golf lines outstretch on the hill sides, cross the valleys, perennial tree forests and gather into the Clubhouse. All positions on the golf course are at high place, so it is able to catch the whole scene of the golf course in sight. The GOLF COURSES unique characteristics of the Golf Course is that all the golf lines have the north- south direction, avoiding the sunlight and the strong wind, making it easy to enjoy microclimate, cool in the summer and warm in the spring.


Villa system is arranged on the hill sides, hiding in the pine forest, creating a rare harmony picture. Either in the dawn or the decline of the day in Hue, the golf players and tourists are able to fully enjoy and discover this unique beauty.

From the central Clubhouse, it is able to see the whole golf course, entertainment urban square in the North, resorts and eco-village in the South.


Ecotourism Destination in combination with Resort for cultural experiences and Golf Course with natural landscapes of Vietnam – The Imperial Golf Hue, is a big project in the area of nearly 500 ha, of which the constructions cover an area of 439 ha, and the perennial tree, precious wooden tree, pine forest covers an area of more than 100 ha.

The project is located in the mountainous area in the outskirts of the south of Hue City with height of 70-100m compared to sea level, with beautiful natural scenery, fresh environment and temperate climate, and from here you can embrace the natural landscapes of Hue Imperial City, the administrative center of Hue, the new city is going to be expanded in the east and south, as well as overlooking the great Pha Tam Giang Lagoon and East Sea in sight.

From center of Hue City to the project area is about 5 kilometers. From the project area to Phu Bai International Airport is 7km, easy to go to some famous destinations like Da Nang, Hoi An, My Son Sanctuary, Phong Nha- Ke Bang National Park… within 1 hour of running car.

When you visit Hue, you are easy to go to The Imperial Golf by Phu Bai International Airport, by rail, by roads pass through Vietnam, by Asian road pass through Laos, Thailand … and by sea with ships travel system of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia area.


With the support of many airline brands, it is very convenient to go to Hue from the ancient capitals of Southeast Asia (such as Luangprabang – Luang Prabang, Siem Reap – Siem Reap, Taiwan, Nanjing, Beijing, Kyoto, Yangon …).

The main center of the project is located along the route of Trung Nu Vuong, linked with Phung Luu Road, Phung Quan Road and main tra c routes of the city such as: Nguyen Tat Thanh, Vo Van Kiet, Vo Nguyen Giap and main tra c routes pass through Vietnam.

Based on the avaiable natural beauty and landscape of this place, designers came up with the idea for The Imperial Golf Hue on the basis of embellishment and enjoy the scenic beauty of the natural environment, to create so system of works, forming harmonious and muti-service one ecosystem resort Cultural experience and Golf Nature Vietnam landscape harmonious, multi-service Ecotourism Destination in combination with Resort for cultural experiences and Golf Course with natural landscapes of Vietnam. It is expected to be a famous destination that attract domestic and foreign tourists.

The project is designed as a new space. Each Space is organized according to the speci c style but those combined with each other and create attraction to discover, including:

1/ Trade Centre, Hotels, Center of Events and Entertainment
2/ Complex of golf courses – Central Clubhouses.
3/ Villas, Garden Houses, Eco-Village
4/ Cuisine Town / Forest area of landscape Tourism.
5/ Scenery Forests & Experience Tourism

6/ Hue – ASEAN Cuisine Square


  • Licensed Time:50 years
  • Construction time to complete the project:6 years

Construction stage:

  • Golf Course: 03 years
  • Urban Area: 02 years
  • Eco-village: 01 years
  • Resort: 02 years

Prioritize investment and construction:

  • Construction stage 1: Golf Course
  • Construction stage 2: Urban Area
  • Construction in Transition stage:Remaining areas

For more information about The Imperial Golf Hue project- Ecotourism Destination in combination with Resort for cultural experiences and Golf Course with natural landscapes of Vietnam, please contact:


HEADQUARTER: 108 Phung Luu Street, Thuy Duong Ward, Hue City
HOTLINE: 0234 6556688
EMAIL: thienangolf2006@gmail.com


  • Area of the project plan: 439 ha – The area of detailed constructions: 329haMain constructions:
    • – Golf-courses: 36 holes in total
    • – Restaurants, and facilities for golf services:50 constructions
    • – Complex of Central Area and Hotels – Entertainment: 08 constructions
    • – System of tourist villages and restaurants: System of villas, guest houses and gardens: 07 areas
    • – New and resettled residential areas and trade villages: 370 constructions 05 areas
    • – Internal transport road of the project: 30 km
    • – Main electric line: 8 km
    • – Main drainage system: 60km
    • – Constructions of public welfare, public services and supermarkets: 08 constructions
    • – Lakes, dams, springs, beaches and marinas:25 constructions
    • – Parks, trees, squares,ower villages and ornamental plants:10 constructions
    • – Pine forest, existing and new precious wooden tree area:4 districts

    Building density:

    • – Main constructions account for less than 5% of the total area of the project.
    • – Parks, green trees, perennial tree forest account for 56% of the total area of the project.

    Average working power:

    • – Golf-courses: 600 guests/day, ensuring the requirements for the organization of large golf tournament and maintenance and care for the continuous operation.
    • – Service facilities in the entire area: 2,000-4,000 guests/day and night.
      Villas, guest houses, and ecological garden-house complex: 1000-2000 guests/ day and night



  • The project is located in the mountainous area in the outskirts of the south of Hue City.


  • Geography: Longitude 1070 36 ‘- 1070 37’, Latitude 160 24 ‘- 160 25’ (map with ratio 1/25000)
  • Coordinates: X- 1817,500 – 1814,500, Y axis 6647.05 – 6456.50 (cadastral map with radio 1/2000)


  • – Southwest hills are 2km far from Hue City Center and 1.5 km far from highway 1A.
  • – In the mountainous area in the outskirts of the south of Hue City, 1.5 Km from the National Highway.
  • – The land consists of many mountains and hills connecting each other, forming a big valley surround- ed by the forests.
  • – System of natural lakes creates favorable conditions to renovate, expand, dam up and build new lakes with large water reserves.
  • – At the height of 10m – 114m from the sea water level, so theood has never occurred.