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Ecotourism Destination in combination with Resort for cultural experiences and Golf Course with natural landscapes of Vietnam – The Imperial Golf Hue, is a big project in the area of nearly 500 ha, of which the constructions cover an area of 439 ha, and the perennial tree, precious wooden tree, pine forest covers an area of more than 100 ha.

The project is located in the mountainous area in the outskirts of the south of Hue City with height of 70-100m compared to sea level, with beautiful natural scenery, fresh environment and temperate climate, and from here you can embrace the natural landscapes of Hue Imperial City, the administrative center of Hue, the new city is going to be expanded in the east and south, as well as overlooking the great Pha Tam Giang Lagoon and East Sea in sight.

When you visit Hue, you are easy to go to The Imperial Golf by Phu Bai International Airport, by rail, by roads pass through Vietnam, by Asian road pass through Laos, Thailand … and by sea with ships travel system of Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia area.

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Ecotourism Destination in combination with Resort for cultural experiences and Golf Course with natural landscapes of Vietnam.

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Apart from the restaurants in the hotels, cuisine town with the regional cultural characteristics will appear in the typical cultural villages and along the central area, helping the tourists enjoy the variety and plenty of Vietnamese cuisines, from the rustic to unique imperial dishes.


Golf course is arranged at the center of the project in a large area with beautiful natural sceneries. The European young experts create a unique design for the Golf Course in The Imperial Golf Hue with the implementing plans based on the harmony combination between natural terrain, the beauty of nature and unique, challenging golf holes.


Experience area is one of the unique features of The Imperial Golf Hue. Visitors can experience the fascinating activities such as mountain climbing, mineral bathing, natural lakes go-sightseeing, rowing …
There are 2 large forests with an area of 60 hectares inthe east and western hillside forests for walk, hiking,picnic, camping, sleeping in the woods to enjoy the natural beauty and fresh air.


Along with golf courses, eco-tourism village is the 2nd project in the project area, making a complex as a new ecological urban model, though there also are many eco-tourism establishments in Hue and other areas. The Village called Vietnam landscape eco-tourism village is located in the south and east of the land and squeezed between pines forest, beautiful hills on the scale of hundreds of hectares.


Design models are all carefully calculated and select- ed through songwriting competition, bidding and will be re ected in the quality of construction. The construction system of the villas will have its own style and be located on hillside surrounding golf course and area of Tourism Village forming a group of villages or the lakeside villa villages, in an area with a prominent height. There will be all kinds: Family Villa, Rental Villa, Garden House Villa and so on with 1000 – 3000m2 in large.


It is built by the modern constructions in the combination of the traditional characteristics, but still keeps the beauty that the nature gives this place. From this area, it can see the surrounding areas: from Hue city to Thuan An Beach or Pha Tam Giang Coastal Lagoon and the mountainous areas near the Huong River (Perfume River).

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Which are close to the beach, adjacent to the hills with vast pine forests to the south. There are ancient city, the world’s cultural heritages and famous beauty of Huong River; traditional festival and concerts; several special historical and cultural monuments; Hue royal court music, Hue songs and regular international festivals; many magical landscapes; resorts with wonderful ecology (Bach Ma with cool seasons, My An hot spring, Thanh Tan hot spring and Voi stream…)

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